Ali Bacon


Ali Bacon graduated from St Andrews University then moved to Oxford, London, and finally to the West Country. Along the way she has worked in libraries of all shapes and sizes, doing everything from cataloguing to teaching IT. Since taking up writing she has had a number of short stories published and has been placed in local and national writing competitions. In A Kettle of Fish she returns to her roots, evoking her native Scotland through the exploits of a startlingly contemporary heroine.

When she isn’t writing, Ali plays golf, goes ballroom dancing and deals with a growing number of requests for book reviews.


A Kettle of Fish

KoF Cover lgeAilsa has just left school and up for anything that will take her away from the boredom of her home town in Fife, but two things hold her back – the shadow cast by her father, an art teacher who walked out when she was six, and the demands of the woman he left behind, Ailsa’s needy and secretive mother. Enter the son of a local fishmonger with whom Ailsa discovers the joy of sex and for a while can forget the terrible truth she has discovered about her father. Leaving Fife for Edinburgh, she hits on law student Andy, only to find he is part of the past she is trying to distance herself. She’s running as fast as she can, but the past is catching up. Enter Shane Shane, a picture rights dealer with more than a touch of the night. With him, Ailsa can at least forget where she came from until the day he takes her to an exhibition where the artist’s accent is strangely familiar.

A Kettle of Fish is available in both ebook and paperback formats