About ThornBerry Publishing

Welcome to ThornBerry Publishing website and blog.

ThornBerry Publishing is a small, independent publisher of books which do not necessarily fit into the usual genre specifications. Publishing only a few titles a year, our authors are hand-picked for the unique stories their novels tell. We also publish a small selection of specialist non-fiction work. All of our books are available as ebooks and some also printed in paperback. All are available through Amazon and most can be obtained through your local bookstore.

Why we are here

ThornBerry Publishing believes the ebook revolution is the biggest change in publishing to happen in many a year. Be it Kindle, Ipad, Iphone or Tablet, more and more people are reading ebooks. We like this change.

The environment benefits. No paper involved, no trees felled, no old books to dispose of. No overstocks sent to landfill, burned, or buried beneath motorways. Convenient and lightweight, one can now travel with a complete library held in one hand. Reality meets Star Trek. Less freight to ship or truck, less shelf space needed. Less dusting. The advantages are endless but these are not the reasons why ThornBerry Publishing was created.

Out of this massive revolution has emerged a whole industry of printer-publishers setting themselves up to take advantage by creating a mass market in self-publishing at the expense of thousands of writers who, unable to be published by conventional means, pay out hundreds of pounds/dollars to see their work in print or as electronic books and even charged extra on top for editing (badly done, if at all), proofing (questionable) and marketing (if any). Writers who rarely, if ever, recoup their expenditure. We are not saying all printer-publishers are like this. Far from it. There are some excellent ones out there. But at a price!

ThornBerry Publishing does not believe good writers should have to pay to be published. We believe good stories deserve to be read and good authors deserve to be given a chance in what is fast becoming a heavily populated, competitive market. As a consequence, we do not consider works that have been previously self-published.

Please note: We are currently not accepting submissions, concentrating, instead, on new works by our current portfolio of authors.